Viola Poster (YT).jpg


FRANZ SCHUBERT (arr. Fergus McAlpine): Viola

Katherine Weber: Soprano

Lisa De Bruycker: Harp

Fergus McAlpine: Conductor


Zemlinsky Chamber Orchestra


Viola is one of Schubert’s lesser known ballads. As we recorded shortly after Schubert’s birthday (31st January) this performance is our very own “Schubertiad”. Additionally, what made this piece so perfect at the time was the fact that the violet is the flower of February - it was fate!

To orchestrate this piece properly, I wished to emphasise the idea that Schubert’s songs are duets, and not simply a voice and accompaniment. Drawing inspiration from Mozart’s concert aria Chio mi scordi, for soprano, piano and orchestra, I decided to add Harp as a second soloist, bringing out new colours from Schubert’s romantic musical language.” (Fergus McAlpine, 2021)