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GUSTAV MAHLER (arr. Klaus Simon): Symphony No. 4

Katherine Weber: Soprano

Fergus McAlpine: Conductor


Zemlinsky Chamber Orchestra


We invite you to the premiere of our first virtual concert, streamed on YouTube! During this time we are all very thankful to continue making music while concerts and other artistic productions are continuing to be cancelled. This way (by keeping to The Netherlands Coronavirus regulations) you are able to see us in action, wherever you are in the world!


Mahler’s 4th Symphony is widely regarded by musicians and audiences alike for being the composer’s most “Neoclassical” symphony - looking backwards toward a more traditional style, rather than looking to the future by exploring into a new compositional style. Although this is true in many regards, what makes this piece stand out from the rest of his symphonies is the ideas of humanity, the afterlife (as described in the text of the 4th movement) and the theme of parody that resonates through the work. Mahler described a symphony as (paraphrasing) “ the world, it must embrace everything!”, and this piece, instead of being an almighty monument like the 2nd or 3rd symphonies that came before, takes this same ideal but on a much more down-to-earth, basic human level. For this reason, the 4th can be seen as Mahler’s most profound work.

Mahler: Symphony No. 4 / Zemlinsky Chamber Orchestra

Mahler: Symphony No. 4 / Zemlinsky Chamber Orchestra

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